People in government, the pharmaceutical cartel, the media, the hospital admins and local public health authorities need to be held accountable. I’m opposed to all mandates, but I agree impaneling a grand jury to investigate this crime is the first step in applying justice. No amnesty for any of these monsters!

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These shots are bad news. I know it’s just anecdotal but I’ve known quite a few people vaccine injured over the past two years.

I lost two friends aged 38 and 42 to heart issues. The husband of my friend who passed almost died of blood clots at the same time which makes me suspect certain lots are worse than others. Additionally, a good friend developed an autoimmune disease at the age of 37 shortly after the second shot and another friend developed blood clots. Not to mention a few people I know who had blood pressure and other weird issues after the shot.

They have to know what’s going on. The saving grace for these evil bastards is that many people have not had side effects…yet. Hopefully it’s only a matter of time before the truth comes out.

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Team Enigma Whistleblower Sasha Latypova explains the US Department of Defense depopulation agenda, detailing how they legally got away with this unde...


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While you point out the many reasons why the mRNA jab is bad, your solution is advocating going down the same path that got us to this point. Mandating and banning are two sides of the same coin. It’s government controlling what choices we can make. For me the bottom line isn’t whether the jab is safe, or whether it is effective. It should be my decision to take it or not, not some government official or bureaucrat. I compare it to mandating chemotherapy for cancer. Does chemotherapy work? Maybe. Sometimes. Is it dangerous? Yes. Sometimes it kills the patient. Should it be banned? It’s a decision between a doctor and patient, not government.

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Just Read Your Piece again.


An Inspiration & Offered InSightFul Guideline, for ALL GOVERNORS.

Just had to say it.

Thank you.

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Thanks Joseph. Just a matter of time! Do no harm! Mick.

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Well done DeSantis! Another wonderful decision and an initiative others must follow!

The only shame is that I can't visit Florida because I'm unjabbed. We have a house we built over there which needs attention since the recent hurricane, but I'm banned from entry, which means I can't organise repairs.

Amnesty - NOT A CHANCE!

Retribution - long, fierce and fulfilling for those of us that didn't accept the 'Cull by injection' message put out by The WEF (New World Oreder), their hirelings and those that intend enslaving the unjabbed and any remaining surviving vax participants. "They will own nothing but will be happy easting bugs" Adolf Schwab = WEF.

We noticed that improperly elected UK Prime Minister (RAT) Sunak has obeyed his Boss (Adolf Schwab) by voting for NO FOREIGN TRAVEL for the UNVAXXED!

All part of the suppression of the 'little people', in order to enslave them. WEF medium term Plan.

Only the USA, China & North Korea are countries still BANNING ENTRY for fit and healthy unjabbed foreigners that realised the jab is just a CULL!

‘LIABILITY’ must be reintroduced for Vax makers then they will have to stop the mayhem and pay massive compensation = Hopefully resulting in LIQUIDATION!

Mick from Hooe (UK) Unjabbed because I read the small print that Pfizer choose t

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Yes, playing offense is the best strategy. It's long overdue! Same strategy here: https://www.lewrockwell.com/2022/09/no_author/vaxx-free-passports-the-more-logical-measure/

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Logical Fallacies in the age of Covid

1) Appeal to Nature – Covid is a novel virus created in a lab and new variants may emerge.

2) Black and White Thinking – If you don’t want the vax you are anti-science.

3) Ad Hominem – We have these conspiracy theorists who are afraid of a little needle.

4) Genetic Fallacy – One Frontline Doctor supporting HCQ practiced witchcraft.

5) Slippery Slope Fallacy – If we don’t lock down, millions will die.

6) Appeal to Ignorance – We have a pandemic of the unvaccinated.

7) Cherry Picking (Texas Sharpshooter) – I know lots of people who died of Covid, but nobody from the shot.

8) Appeal to Pity – You’re killing grandma if you don’t lock your business down.

9) Fallacy Fallacy – (Post Hoc, False Cause)- The reason nobody got the flu was because of masks.

10) Straw Man Argument – You’re just an anti-vaxxer.

11) Relativist Fallacy - It was ok for Fauci to torture puppies if it might save lives.

12) Absolutism – Everyone must be masked, vaxxed, boosted, tested and 6 feet away.

13) Circular Argument (Begging the question) –A controlled study is unethical if one group isn’t treated.

14) Equivocation – You were not forced to take the shot, you could have just quit your job.

15) Composition – If some VAERS reports are false, none of VAERS reports are true.

16) Division - Our ancestors only lived to be like 30 because they didn’t have a polio vax.

17) Lottery Fallacy (Anecdotal) – I don’t know anyone who was injured by the shot.

18) Appeal to Authority – Doctors wear masks.

19) Red Herring Fallacy – A small child died because of Covid!

20) False Dilemma- If you hadn’t got the shot you would have been sicker.

21) Hasty Generalization – One million people died of Covid.

22) Appeal to Hypocrisy – (Tu quoquo) You got shots for polio as a child.

23) Causal Fallacy – Anyone who died WITH Covid died FROM Covid.

24) Fallacy of Sunk Costs (Gambler’s Fallacy) – The US has spent Billions on the Covid vax.

25) Bandwagon Fallacy – Everyone I know got the shot.

26) Alphabet Soup – If you’re not an epidemiologist you have no say on the matter.

27) Personal Incredulity – I don’t trust VAERS data. Anyone can submit those reports.

28) Four Terms– Trump authorized operation Warp Speed to make vaccines in Sep 2020. The CDC redefined the word ‘vaccine’ in Sep 2021. Therefore, ‘vaccines’ were authorized.

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Thank you Allen for getting back to me and giving me extra information as to how many had to die needlessly and no doubt by murder .Nurses with tears in their yes tell of the deadly treatment in hospitals .I did as best I know describe in previous posts about my brothers death by murder .The dead can't talk and that is how the exterminators want it .I will do what I can that their voice is alive not silenced ,through us the still living . JOE

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November 3, 2022 Why Are Cancers Escalating Post-mRNA Vaccination?

Amy Kelly, COO of DailyClout, talks with Dr. Chris Flowers. Dr. Chris Flowers is an author, academic cancer radiologist, and member of the War Room/DailyClout Pfizer Documents Analysis Project. Ms. Kelly and Dr. Flowers discuss what may be causing cancers to occur and to escalate much more quickly post-mRNA vaccination, definitions of different types of cancers mentioned in Pfizer’s.


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DOES / SHOULD he have that power?

A much better plan would be for the AG of FL should start charging people in the medical

filed with negligent homicide if they continue with this madness.

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Thanks for stepping up, amigo. I have been dogging Abbott for his blatant violations of natural law, decency and liberty since the onset of this fraud and will double my efforts to make this bioweapon illegal in Texas. Keep up the good work!

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So has he read it?

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No, no, no! The government should neither mandate or forbid the jabs. It sticks its nose into far too many places already.

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"People are literally dropping dead and sudden adult death syndrome (SADS) is becoming commonplace."


I almost forgot. See MC Miller, he's been Writing along this specific theme & REALITY.

I realize You probably already know, but For Your Readers.

Blessings To You & Yours.


Intense Video clip of Canadian Citizen push-back.



"If I could

Through myself

Set your Spirit free,

I'd lead your Heart away...

[We're] Wide Awake..."

~ Bono Vox/U2


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