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DeSantis will eventually be obligated to adopt this narrative as conservatives and fence-sitters are increasingly identified as supporting BAN THE JAB resolution.

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Huge thanx Dr Sansone for this interview with Peters and Boyle. I get so many emails from truther sites, my pea-sized brain can only handle so much in a day and I'm sure I missed this fantastic episode when it was posted. SO MUCH was said, much of what I knew re the FDA and the CDC....but I still learned even more from Boyle. Peters also puts a passion into his interviews that make them even more compelling. I look forward to your return. I'm subscribed to so many substacks but I'll find a place for your writings. I believe truthful news deserves to be supported.

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The tipping point has been reached and most are aware of the toxicity of the jabs...There should be no question about banning poisonous injections that are destroying human bodies ...by mercenaries sollely out to feather their own nests. These dangerous bioweapon labs would not exist, if those in control of the U.S. and most world governments were civilized and had morals..

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Dear Heavily Vaccinated,

I Have Never Felt So Smart

(And So Much Smarter)


Everyone Else Around Me

Since …………… Yesterday.

But In All Seriousness,

I Have Never Felt

So Rewarded Either.


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Was originally done for the DARPA project ADEPT:PROTECT.

US military were looking for a way to monitor troops in real-time for any attacks from biological agents so they could then inject them with a gene-editing "cure" developed immediately.

This was in 2004(ish).

Problems were:

1 - no way to monitor in real-time

2 - no DNA changing technology ready

Then the person who went on to start ModeRNA approached the DoD/DARPA with a human implantable microchip.

He then got a $25 million grant to develop mRNA technology which was used to start the company and then attract investors even though they had no products - Rishi Sunak's Theleme Partners were one of the initial investors putting in a $500 million investment.



ModeRNA were fined by the SEC a few years later (one of the biggest fines ever given) for "forgetting" to mention this $25 million grant on their accounts /filings time and time again.

Then hey presto - here comes covid and the mRNA technology rollout.

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It is unsbelievable how with so much evidence of the crime commited, still the "authorities" (psycopaths in charge) continue doing harm, specially now to childrens, and the disobedience of population is still a dream...

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